More powerful 296 without any hybrid elements


The 296 Challenge is a race-prep version of 296 GTB & GTS. It is using the same 2992cc twin-turbo charged V6 engine as its standard car but without its hybrid elements. Power & torque output will be 700hp & 739nm which set a new record in Ferrari’s racing series.    

It was already decided in the beginning to remove the hybrid assembly from the V6 of GT3 which contributes in weight reduction to 150kg’s approx. and to substantially boost the power to 700hp from its hybrid eliminated twin turbo V6.

Comparing to the 296 GTB & GTS, power is increased by 37hp thanks to 10% increase in boost pressure from the turbos, low back pressure.


Braking system of 296 Challenge increase precision in stopping power by adapting and improving on the go which is named ABS EVO Track. Ferrari 296 challenge is equipped with CCM-R PLUS for brake discs made by Brembo specifically- Front Diameter -408mm & Rear Diameter-390mm which set a new benchmark. CCM-R PLUS discs has three times more lifespan, also it improves thermal conductivity by three times than usual CCM version.


Aero dynamics considered as major element in development of 296 Challenge which results ultimate downforce thanks to- Carbon Fibre and Rear spoiler which sits above than its roofline. 296 Challenge generates 870 kg’s of downforce which angled most severe, at 249.4 kmph   

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