BMW 3.0 CSL: Re-designed to pay homage to original.

BMW’s CSL label stands for “Coupé Sport Leichtbau” in German or “Coupé Sport Lightweight” in English. So, BMW is celebrating the golden jubilee of their performance division line-up- BMW M Gmbh (Company). For the third time in BMW’s history, BMW labeled M4 as CSL.

Huge and wide Rear fenders, Aggressive curves at the front, and a roof spoiler in BMW M4 CSL are standard. But to this which BMW called 3.0 CSL, pays off homage to the original M car which cranked and up roared in Bavaria. 3.0 CSL is limited to 50 units.


3.0 CSL has a massive rear wing that resembles the original 70s 3.0 CSL and also lives up to its nickname "bat mobile”. Also, the hand-done livery is which takes a lot of design cues from the original car. The front kidney grille is redesigned, with wider wheel arches and two intakes on the lower front that all are remindful of the original. Therefore, the amount of carbon fiber is extensive- the bonnet, roof, spoiler, boot lid, diffuser, front and rear bumpers also the carbon bucket seats inside.

Power and Performance-

The reminiscing 3.0 CSL makes 556PS of power and 550Nm of torque with its 3-litre straight six-cylinder, twin turbo-charged petrol motor, mated with a manual transmission, also, it is the most powerful road-legal six-cylinder engine till today.

BMW’s M differential calculatingly divides power between wheels as required for controlled drifts.

Suspension and steering units are re-tuned although they are adjustable to our liking, like every M car.

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